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Playground for baby boomers, temporary art project in collaboration with Walter van Broekhuizen.

Public space is the social cement of the city. That’s where we see each other, where coincidences and serendipity happen; it’s where we are when were not at home. As a disproportionate part of our population becomes grey-haired, why not also use these public spaces as playgrounds for older people? Most seniors have more time at their expense, but their bodies aren’t as flexible as they used to be. A playground is the place where they can improve their flexibility while meeting others doing the same.

Certification: approved by the Dutch Certification Institute according to European standards product law for play mechanisms EN 1176-1: 2008, EN 1176-5: 2008, EN 1176-6: 2008, EN 1176-7: 2008 en EN 1177: 2008.

Current location - between Gustav Mahlerlaan and Boelelaan, Zuidas in Amsterdam; Design - Walter van Broekhuizen, Mike Korth en Gus Tielens; Commissioned - private initiative; Technical advice - Ewian Vos; Production - Walter van Broekhuizen, De Loor BV, Het Plot; Subsidy - subsidy for temporary artprojects Stadsdeel Zuid, Amsterdam; Photography - Walter van Broekhuizen, Arjan de Leeuw, Mike Korth and Gus Tielens; See also

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